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New York Online Recertification Credit Policy

NYSDEC will not accept recertification credits for more than 7 hours of training in 1 day.
A particular course may not be repeated in a 3 year recertification cycle.

Dealing With Ticks at Work and Play (OPT014):  More people are coming into contact with ticks at work and at home.  The purpose of this course is to learn how to identify three ticks in particular - Blacklegged ticks, Lone Star ticks, and American Dog ticks, and to protect yourself from being bit and modify landscaping around your home to help minimize favorable tick habitat. 
Time:   approximately 120 minutes
Cost:    $65.00                                    
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Category  Number of Credits 
Ornamental & Turf (3A)  2 (two) 
Turf (3B)  2 (two) 
Nursery and Ornamental Turf (25)  1.50 (one & a half) 


Termites a Force of Nature (OPT022) Termites in nature play an important role, the problem starts when they come into contact with people. The purpose of this course is to learn how to identify the differences between Eastern Subterranean Termites, Formosan Subterranean Termites and Drywood Termites.  It will also look at how to inspect and treat for termites.
Time:  approximately 120 minutes
Price:  $65.00                                          BUY NOW

Category   Number of Credits
Termites (7C) 1.75 (one & three quarters)


Pesticide Poisoning (OPT002):  This course will assist pest managers in recognizing the signs and symptoms of human pesticide poisoning.  Pest managers will understand the different pesticide emergencies that can occur and will gain the knowledge necessary to administer basic first aid in emergency situations.  
Time:  approximately 60 minutes
Price:  $35.00                          CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Core 1 (one) 

Safe Use of Pesticides I (OPT003):  The course will help the pest manager to understand some safe pesticide practices as well as federal laws that are in place to help protect individuals and the environment against adverse affects of pesticide use.

Time:  approximately 60 minutes
Price:  $35.00                         CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Category  Number of Credits 
Core 1 (one) 


Pests of Ornamentals and Forest Trees in the Northeast (OPT011)
:  Management of unwanted pests begins by properly identifying the insect.  This course will allow pest managers to better identify pests, know which plants are attacked by these pests, identify symptoms of infestation, and understand appropriate control methods.  This course examines the following pests:  Bagworm, Eastern Tent Caterpillar, Forest Tent Caterpillar, Fall Webworm, Gypsy Moth and Asian Gypsy Moth, Fall Cankerworm and Spring Cankerworm, and Hemlock Woolly Adelgid.
Time:  approximately 60 minutes
Price:  $35.00                           CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

 Category  Number of Credits
 Forest Pest Control (2) 1 (one) 
Ornamentals, Shade Trees & Turf (3a)  1 (one) 
 Regulatory Pest Control (9)  1 (one)
Nursery, Ornamentals & Turf (25)  1 (one) 


New Invasive Pests of the Northeast (OPT012)
: There are many invasive insects that have been brought to this country.  These invasives pose a threat to our natural environment.  It is important that pest managers learn to identify these new pests.  This course will allow the pest manager to properly identify, note signs of infestation, and determine methods of control for the following pests:  Asian Longhorned Beetle, Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Pine Shoot Beetle, Emerald Ash Borer, Pear Thrips, Sirex Woodwasp, and Viburnum Leaf Beetle.
Time:  approximately 60 minutes
Price:  $35.00                         CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

 Category Number of Credits 
Forest Pest Control (2) 1 (one) 
 Ornamentals, Shade Trees & Turf (3a) 1 (one) 
 Regulatory Pest Control (9) 1 (one) 
 Nursery, Ornamentals & Turf (25)  1 (one)


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