Herbal Pesticides Advantages

Pests have always been a concern for agriculture and kitchen gardens. Chemical pesticides affect the health in the worst way and scientists look forward to the newest ways for preventing the destruction of crops. Herbal pesticides have become new alternative for preventing the pests to destroy the crops.


Herbal pesticides are the best solution for controlling pests and farmers all over the globe are following it for not having any side effects on the health of human beings and animals Chemical pesticides can cause many health issues, which can be life threatening also.

Herbal Pesticides Advantages

Pesticides cause issues to the farmer’s health also, but it is in an indirect way. Herbal pesticides have no chemicals and don’t affect the food in adverse way. It also protects environment and crops in the best way. Herbal pesticides don’t affect the soil in adverse ways as done by the toxic leveled pesticides. There is no concern regarding the health of people and WHO also approves it. click the given link to read more about issues of Pesticides : http://www.sabc.co.za/news/a/878f5b004c8a505a9316972e33d6c236/Farmers-continue-to-use-dangerous-pesticides-20162604


Pesticides are sprayed on the plants and the aim of owner is to protect the plant. Pesticides help in repelling the pests and kill the bugs, which can have negative impact on the plants. Herbal pesticides can be used by farmers or garden owners by their own. It doesn’t include too heavy chemicals producing toxicity to the soil or plants. Pests and insects develop resistance to these pesticides.click here for more details.


Herbal pesticides can also be made at home. You can check out the right ways to do the same and there are some herbal solutions available to be spread to crops or plants. Neem is the major ingredient of herb-based pesticides and can keep insects away. The main aim of herbal solutions is to keep pests away and not to kill them. There is no poison or toxins sprayed to the plants and the results are effective.